"Unauthorized" or "Unapproved" Changes

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Does anyone have a process and method they use to record a Change which was implmented without being authorized/approved?

If we find out that a person implmented a system change without having gone thru the Change Management process, OR if they implemented their recorded change BEFORE it was approved, how can record this in the tool to properly reflect that it was “unauthorized”?  

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Hey @westbem - Have you considered using Closure Codes to document unauthorized changes?  You could then run reports for the changes with this specific code.

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@jason.yeary Yes we have considered this although we also want to know if a change was “fully imlemented” for example.   We may end up using this field and adding several additional options like “Fully Implemented - Unauthorized”, “Partially Implemented - Unathorized” etc.  in addition to the standard values in that field. 

Thanks for the response.