Reporting DataSource that stores the "Proposed Standard Template Status" on the Change form

  • 15 August 2022
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I would like to generate a Change History report which shows all of the Changes which were submitted with the “Proposed for Standard Change” checkbox AND the status of whether or not that template was approved or rejected.   Which table within the reporting DataSources is the “Standard Template Status” field stored in?  See screenshot attached.

3 replies

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Hi Westbem,

Please refer to the following reporting table and the fields which have been included by default in the Summit DN process.

» Changes that were submitted with the “Proposed for Standard Change” 

  Table Name : CM_RPT_DN_ChangeRequest_Master
  Columns Information:
  [Proposed For Standard] - Indicates if the Change Record is considered for the Standard Change Type.
  [Proposed Template Name] - Template name for the proposed Standard Change Type.
  [Proposal Justification] - Justification for the proposed Standard Change Type.

» Approved Template : The path below displays the approved templates.


» Rejected Template: at this moment, these fields are not present in reporting tables.

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@Rajini.kanth thank you for the response.  I was not able to find “STANDARD CHANGE TEMPLATE LIST” table within standard reports, so I’ve used the Admin > Report Builder and was able to Join the Change_Request_Master table with the Change_Request_Master_Template table and pull in the “ACTIVE” column from that template table, with the assumption that if ACTIVE=TRUE, those are Approved templates.  Any record with a “blank” in the ACTIVE column is either Rejected or not full thru the process.  

Here is the join details:
Select a.Change_Request_Id, d.AttributeValue, a.Request_Registration_Time, a.Status, a.Classification, a.Requestor_Id, a.Owner_Workgroup_Id, a.Risk_Id, a.Planned_Start_Time, a.Planned_End_Time, a.Is_ChangeSucessful, a.ProposedTemplateName, b.ACTIVE [Approved] from CM_Change_Request_Master_Syn a WITH (NOLOCK) inner join CM_CustomAttributes_Details_Syn d WITH (NOLOCK) on a.change_Request_ID=d.Change_Request_Id and d.AttributeID=67 left join CM_Change_Request_Master_Template b WITH (NOLOCK) on a.ProposedTemplateName =b.Change_Request_TemplateName where a.Status not in ('Canceled', 'Draft') and a.ProposedForStandard=1

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 @westbem: The STANDARD CHANGE TEMPLATE LIST is not a table, it is available under below path and it’s an option from UI.

On this page, analysts can view the approved standard template list.

  • You can view the list of Standard Templates on the STANDARD CHANGE TEMPLATE LIST page (Change > User > View Standard Template List).


Yes, your understanding is valid, but the above-mentioned query may not produce accurate results because it requires a join with a few more tables, as well as a few conditions to exclude irrelevant data.

We would like you to submit a report request with specific requirements via the SummitAI support portal so that the team can validate and respond to you.

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