Failover concept for Proxy server


As we are using the failover concept for the Application server, where one server goes down, immediately another server will get up. Can we have the same concepts in the Proxy server also?

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This can be achieved by having 2 proxy servers on a NLB mode (Network Load Balanced Mode). this setup has to be controlled on the Infrastructure side as we do not have any provision on the Proxy Application to configure a failover concept.

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Proxy with Fail Over mode is also implemented in few customer premises as well. 

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Yes. But this failover is manual. Auto failover functionality is not available on the Proxy Application.

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But you can automate it with a power shell script which can check the service status of API (heartbeat) and invoke/start the proxy service on secondary server and forcibly stop the service of primary server. Infra team need to ensure they have proxy server configured appropriately with the DNS aliases.