Denali SP1 - Create link to Asset Detail

  • 10 January 2022
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How can I create a link to the Asset Detail of a specific Asset?    While working on an SR, I can’t link to the asset because it is allocated by Location.   I’d like to just be able to forward a link within the comments of the SR to the asset detail information page for the next analyst to see.   How would I do that?

4 replies

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The requested functionality is currently not available in the product.

Currently,We can search and link the store assets under service request module. (SR »  Relationship tab »  Link »  Asset)

Please try the below workaround to link the allocated asset to SR:

We can move all the allocated and store assets to CMDB using CMDB export option then we can link the CI's to SR.

Here, we can see the CI's under SR »  Relationship tab, and also we can see the relation between the CI and the asset details under the CI » relationship tab.

Step 1 :
Please import the asset from Asset Management to CMDB using CMDB EXPORT option. 
Step 2 : Please Link the CI under SR.
Please Go To »  SR »  Relationship tab.
Click on the LINK »  Configuration Item.
Search for the CI using the Filters.(We can search the CI details by using IP address , Hostname , serial no, classification )
Select the Asset »  Click on the Link.
The CI (Asset) will be linked to the SR.

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@Rajini.kanth I simply want to create a URL that I can email that will allow another associate (with asset access) to view the details of a specific asset number. Is this possible?

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Currently, this is not available in the product by design.

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That’s too bad.  It would be nice to send another analyst a direct link to the asset details of a particular asset.