Consuming third party API integrations

  • 2 May 2023
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Currently on Tahoe platform version of Summit, has anyone integrated with third party applications by consuming their API? It doesn’t appear in the platform, outside of using orchestration, that you can develop something to consume a third party API, for example consuming vmWare vCenter’s API to query for asset data to populate the Summit Asset database and schedule it without requiring Summit Profession services to develop custom solutions using third party applications such as powershell and windows scheduler. I’m hoping to understand if there are customer facing capabilities within the Summit platform to accomplish integrations with consuming third party APIs without requiring the purchase of their Orchestration product. Thanks!

1 reply

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We can integrate third-party applications by consuming the API’s, however customizing the integrations to meet the needs requires the assistance of the SummitAI Product team.

Please refer to the standard integration configurations and API listed below that SummitAI is providing.

API based discovery : Based on the API configuration, the Servers, Networks, Links, Printers, and Laptop devices in the organization can be identified or define to establish connection with the configured APIs. 

The standard Summit APIs that can be used to create and update assets are listed below. 

The standard integrations that can be set up from the UI to fetch the asset details from SCCM and Lansweeper are listed below.